Are Ghosts real?

If you believe in ghosts, you are not alone in this world. Again if you don’t believe in them still you are not alone. Are Ghosts real? Or not? Many people believe ghosts are real. Since the evolution of humanity, people have claimed that they have spotted the ghost or experience paranormal activities. Coincidentally, People also saying that they have a real relationship with the spirits or demons. Meanwhile, many cultures believe in ghost as it is acknowledged in their religious scriptures. In Christianity, we can see a number of references of Devils and Satans. Similarly, in the Hindu religion, we can hear tales of Rakshasas(demons).

Why do so many people believe in ghosts?

Most of us have grown listening about the ghosts’ stories. Since our childhood, we hear a number of people telling their experiences about how they saw a ghost. On the other hand, different movies also implant the fear of ghosts in people’s minds. Similarly, People also believe that after the death of a person, they change into a spirit. As a result, people are afraid to go to the cremation spot at night time. At the same time, hallucination also contributes people to believe that they have seen the ghost.

Are ghosts real?
Ghosts as seen in movies.

Scientific Explanation

According to Quantum Physics, Ghosts are merely energy left behind that humans can perceive. Since Energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed from one form to another, Ghosts are merely energy left behind after the death of the person. Again due to conditioning and fear, People might have seen something usual and thought it a ghost. Likewise, People sometimes experience paranormal activities like sleep paralysis, remote viewing, and feeling of negative energy which also makes them believe the existence of ghosts.


In sorts, there is no scientific proof that the ghost is real or exist. Claims of ghosts sighting are based on personal anecdotes. For the detection of the presence of a ghost, scientists use various scientific equipment. Typical equipment might include Geiger counters, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors, infrared cameras, and super-sensitive microphones. Despite the use of that equipment, none of them have been able to absolutely detect their existence.


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