Do Aliens Exist? Yes or No?

The question has been debatable for a long period of time. Do Aliens really exist? Some believe they do, some don’t. What do you think? Do they exist or not? If they exist why haven’t we met till now? Is NASA hiding some information about aliens to us? Are Aliens a threat to us?
Are we alone? Or is there life roaming somewhere else in the universe? There are many questions regarding this. But the answer is limited. We have limited resources to know the answer to this question. Our technology is not that much advanced to know the answer to this question.

Do you think Aliens have come to the Earth? People still wonder if aliens have come to Earth. People are suspicious about it. But some people claim that they have seen the aliens and UFOs. People claim that Area 51 could be possible.

Aliens life
Aliens life

So let’s come to the topic. Do aliens exist? Well, we don’t know for sure. We can’t say yes definitely. But the probability is very high. There is at least 200 billion galaxy in the universe and the number is increasing day by day. If we do calculation then there are about 33 billion Earth-size planets. Not all of them are able to have a life. But the probability is getting so high at this stage.
So there is no definitive evidence that the aliens could exist, but the sheer size of numbers suggests that there must be life somewhere in the universe.
If we scale the age of Earth to 4 minutes, then humans are here only for 4 seconds. We only start the exploration of the universe 0.1 seconds ago. By this time we haven’t voyaged the little part of the universe. Then how can we come to the conclusion? Again our technology is not that much advanced for further exploration of the universe.
So at this time, the answer is unknown. Our best guess is they do exist somewhere in far galaxy light-years away.

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