Does God Exist? If Yes, Who Is God?

What is a god? Who is a god? Where is a god? Does God exist? This question has been debatable for many years and till the date also. Some believe God is omnipresence, Omnibenevolence, Omnipotence and Omniscience i.e. god is present everywhere, God is unlimited and infinite, God is unlimited power and god knows everything. The existence of God is the subject of debate in science, philosophy, and culture.

Religious View

So in actually who is a god? There are different religions, cultures, ethics. So according to them, they have their own God. God of Christianity is Jesus, Islam is Allah, God of Hinduism is many i.e lord Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and so on. In Buddhism, there is no personal belief in god.
So in every religion, people believe they have a god of their own type.

God In Animals

Let’s take an example, what does a buffalo think about the god. Does he know about Jesus, Allah, Lord Shiva and other forms of god, or he thinks the god is of his own type? He thinks god is a very large buffalo who is very strong, gives a large amount of milk. Again if we think about the rat. What he thinks about the god. Again he does not think about Jesus, Allah, and Lord Shiva. he thinks god is a very large rat. He controls all other rats. He is watching him or so on.

Is God Like Us? Does God exist?

So what is a god? God is a belief or he is something in physical. Can we touch him? Can we see him? Christianity believes Jesus is god, but he was born like all other humans. Lord Gautam Buddha is a god of Buddhism. He was also born like other humans. In Hindu, Lord Krishna was also born like other humans. But what is different between them and any other people in the world?

Does god exist?

Difference Between God and Normal People

So what is different between the god and the normal people?. Some will say they do have the power to do anything, but we do not have that power, which is very wrong. Theist says 100% probability of god while atheist says there is no god and god like the thing. So there is a conflict between the people about the existence of God.

Definition Of God

Now its time to make a clear definition of god. So how we define god? God is anyone who got enlightened. yes, someone with greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation is a god. By saying this a person with the degree holder is not god. the person who can see every aspect of anything that we don’t see in normal condition and can define a clear cut of everything is a god. So the person who got enlightened can be considered as god. Everyone can be a god. You can be a god but you must get enlightenment.


So what should you do got enlightenment? Enlightenment is not an achievement. Enlightenment is not a peak. So what is it? Enlightenment is a homecoming. You come back to your original nature and know yourself in every part. Then normal people can be a god. There are very few who are countable got enlightenment till now and they can be said as a god.


So the question is: Does a god exist? it is you who decides the answer. So what do you think does he exist or not??? Do comment below.

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