How to be a professional liar?

Lying is bad but sometimes we came in a circumstance where there is no other way other than lying. Although we got caught while lying others many times, we try our best not to get caught. So how to be a professional liar? To be a professional liar first, you must convenience others that you are bad at lying. Moreover, to convince you are bad at lying, you have to present yourself as silly while lying. So they can realize that you are lying to them and recognize as a bad liar. This is the first step towards the goal to become a professional liar. Now to maintain consistency you have to become a pro in some of skills and techniques. If you become pro at these skills, even the lie detector fails to catch your lie. So let’s learn these skills without any delay.

Skills and techniques to be a professional liar:

  • Create an environment: Create an environment considering small details that help you to create your own story. Never tell a lie directly with a short story. Try to connect them with the small details but not so many that it becomes complicated.
  • Avoid including other people in the lie: Don’t try to include other people as a witness or alibi because it makes your lie more complicated. If the person you lie try to crosscheck the alibi, then you will be doomed. So If you use someone else in your lie, be sure to tell them.
How to be a professional liar?
  • Make your lie as realistic as possible: Try to give a reason for your every lie. While lying include only those information which is believable and realistic facts. Never try to exaggerate to a point where the listener will start to believe that you are lying.
  • Include some truthful in a lie: If you include truth in your lie, It becomes easy for you to express real emotion. As a result, you can show proof for the truth with your real emotion which will become plus point in your story.
  • Memorize the lie: It is one of the hardest parts of the process. You have to memorize each and every detail of the scenario to maintain the consistency. You have to practice again and again before telling to the listener. If you can do so, you will never be caught.
How to lie professionally?
  • Maintain body language: About 55% of the communication is made through the body and facial expression. While you are lying, your body will automatically go into the defense position to protect yourself from the upcoming danger as your mind knows you are lying. So always try to keep your hand away from your face. Additionally, keep your arm opens and not folded. Besides these try to remain still and always maintain eye contact with the listener.
  • Control your speech: The pitch of your voice becomes higher when you are lying. So always try to keep your voice normal and pay attention to your tone and volume. When you are asked questions, give a full answer but don’t let yourself start to ramble.
  • Stay focused: This is the most important skills of the process. Don’t show your guilty emotion because of your lying. Good liars always enjoy the process of deceiving other people. Additionally, don’t try to show any shame or remorse as it makes them that you are lying.
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