How to generate ideas?

Have you amazed at how the million dollars ideas are generated in the mind of people? How people came over the new hypothesis in one night? How people came to builds a million-dollar company over a month? The person yesterday on the path now in a million dollars mansion? How did they do it? How do they generate ideas?

The answer is simple and easy as it is seen from one side but complex when seen from one side. As it is all about brainstorming and implementing them into action. On the other hand, inspiration, purpose, and necessity are crucial contributing factors for new ideas, innovations, and development. It is new ideas that have progressed our human development from stone age to this modern age of information and technology. Furthermore, the necessity for a better life and interest in the human mind forces us to question things he does not understand and explore unchartered territory. Similarly, the curious human mind always keeps looking for new items and this searching leads to uncover more and more mysteries and gives more insight and ideas. The basic concept to generate ideas is not to go for the digging of the ideas. Now, let’s discuss the main techniques to generate ideas:

How to generate ideas?
How to generate ideas?

Tools to generate ideas:

  • Focus on a particular topic: First of all to generate ideas focus on a certain topic. It is hard to generate new ideas When you cannot focus your mind and float it everywhere. So jot down your subject on a notebook about which you are trying to generate new ideas. Then try to concentrate on it from as many sides as possible.
  • Remain stress-free: Stress is the greatest destroyer of our creativity and inner genius. Stress obstructs the passageway of our creative ideas. So it is crucial to remain calm and stress-free to generate new ideas. You can take a walk in nature, spend some periods of time in your favorite activities, rest or talk to someone you are close to and release your stress in this manner.
  • Seek inspiration: Motives and inspirations always lead Human activities. It is, therefore, necessary to pursue inspiration to generate new ideas. Engaging in places that inspire you can be a portal of great new ideas that might have a great impact on this world. Hence, most of the discoveries and innovations are inspired by nature. People copy it from nature.

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  • Stay in the company of nature: Man can acquire a lot of things from nature. Staying in closeness with nature can give a lot of creative ideas and insights. At the same time,  many of the inventions have been made by observing nature and natural phenomena. The right brothers invented the airplane observing the birds. As the ultimate source of energy is the sun, we can regard the ultimate source of ideas is nature.
  • Traveling: Travelling can also help in enlarging our minds and views about the world. Remaining in the same place dulls our mind and everything becomes monotonous. Occasionally traveling to new places refreshes our mind. Visiting different places and countries with different cultures, traditions, ethics and so on broadens our limited perspective. It helps to think outside the box.
How to generate ideas?
How to generate ideas?
  • Read a lot of books: Books are valuable sources of information. We can virtually gain information and appreciate anything we want. Also reading books broadens our mind and perspective. Nowadays students do 97% of exploring on the internet where 90% of the information is fake or say not reliable. So one can gain more details from the books rather than the internet.
  • Make dream journal: Dreams can also be a major portal of creative ideas. It is our subconscious mind way to give new ideas. In our subconscious mind, we store much more details which we cannot access it from the conscious mind. In the dream, we can open the gateway of the subconscious mind and we can take out the information from it. But the problem is we neglect 90% of a dream within 10 minutes of waking up. So it is the best way to make a dream journal to make a note of what we dream. Later we can make a summary of it and it helps to generate new ideas.
dream journal
Dream journal
  • Imagination and visualization: imagination is the mother of innovation. It is the human imagination that has built our lives far away from the stone age to this day. visualization of what you imagine can help you build a new concept which others cannot reach. Taking in action what you imagine and visualize may or may not give you the result, but it definitely gives you the new path that can access or not access the result which is beneficial for creating ideas.
  • Taking marijuana: You have listened to many stories about many scientists and other scholars consuming marijuana to keep the mind active. What marijuana does is open the new dimension of thinking in your mind. It makes you focus only on one thing for a longer period of time. As the user is compelled to concentrate on only one thing, it makes them create a new path to the question and the result is a new creation. But access use of marijuana can damage your mind in long term use.


In short, the idea is not generated overnight. It needs patience humble and time. When you see people making prominent success, you only see the result. In the back end, there is great hardworking.

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