How to live a stress free life?

Nowadays stress has become an inextricable part of our life. Daily hectic schedules, financial difficulty, and conflicts can cause stress to a person’s life. As a result, a person can’t live joyfully. Its human nature to stress about things that have taken place in the past and things that may happen in the future. Stress is inevitable and cannot be kept away but it can be managed with the right tools and techniques. So how to live a stress-free life? Below we discuss some such tools and techniques

Techniques and tools to live a stress-free life

  • List out all the stressors: First, sit down and calm, and list out all the major stressors that are going in your life that keep you behind the happy state and come with a workable solution for each one of them.
  • Stop overthinking and overreacting: Stress is also the result of overthinking and overanalyzing. Deal with the situation as it comes and reacts accordingly. Realize that overthinking leads nowhere.
  • LIve in the present moment: The major stress comes from dwelling in the past and constantly anticipating the future. As a result, we lose the precious present moment and cannot function properly in here and now. More than 90 percent of our problems are fictional. If we live in the present instant we can easily get rid of this problem. Leftover 10 percent of the problem can be dealt with accordingly.
  • Focus on positive aspects: Focus on the positive side of things and always try to look further with optimism.
How to live a stress free life?
a girl living free of stress
  • Forgive yourself for mistakes committed: We humans commit mistakes and it is normal for us. We should not beat yourself for the mistakes we have forgive your all mistakes.
  • Stop complaining about things that cannot be changed: Some things don’t change no matter how hard you try. So learn to accept things you cannot change and work on what is within your power to change.
  • Allocate a certain time period for worry: Schedule a fixed period of time for worry instead of worrying about it endlessly. Allocate 15 to 20 minutes for worry and postpone all your worries for that period.
  • Engage yourself in productive activities: Ideal mind is the devils’ workshop. So stay busy in productive activities which prevent overthinking- a major cause of stress.
  • Exercise: Daily exercises are healthy for both physical and mental health. Exercise relieves stress.

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