How to make people like you?

Everybody wants to be popular and liked. At the same time, you want to be admired, appreciated by friends and others. Even when you were a kid you had this desire. And needless to say, you still have a desire to be liked by everyone including the opposite sex. Nothing to be ashamed of, it is quite natural. So how to make people like you? In this article, we will talk about ways to make people like you.

Tricks to make people like you:

  • Smile: Smile is the best way of connecting with people. It is a powerful tool to force people like you. One of the reasons why smiling is so powerful tool is because it shows friendliness and emotional connection. Smiling also helps to make others’ day good. In addition, smiling helps to shatter the ice and start a conversation easily. Also, it lightens the mood and conveys a good message.
  • Ask Question: People liked to be questioned. Asking a question shows that you are interested in knowing that person and his opinions about any subject. This makes another person like you for showing interest in him and his views. Also, asking for a suggestion is a good sign to make you likable.
  • Sense of humor: Research shows that a sense of humor is an important aspect of making people like you. Everybody wants to have fun and light-hearted humor. So having a good sense of humor is a bonus point.
How to make people like you?
  • Compliment others: Humans have a deep desire to be appreciated. That’s why giving an honest heartfelt compliment to other people makes them feel special and like you. Don’t forget to give a genuine compliment.
  • Be a good listener: Do not keep on talking every time. Let another person speak. Show interest in what he has to say. This makes him feel special. After all who does not like to be heard. It gives them a feeling of importance.
  • Be yourself: Always be yourself. Show your genuine self and don’t try to be somebody else to impress others. It will only do the opposite. As the only way to impress others is not to try to impress them.
How to make people like you?
make people like you
  • Focus on what you have in common: Try to find out what you both have in common. It may be common values, hobbies, interest and so on. Spend time engaging those common activities you both enjoy.
  • Mirror others: Psychologists have found that people like others who are similar to themselves. So mirror their gestures, tone of voice and body language. It makes them comfortable and like you.
  • Eye contact: During conversation regularly engage in eye contact. It makes people feel the conversation is going in a good direction. Equally important is the duration of eye contact. Prolonged eye contact may make people feel uncomfortable.


Making people like you is not difficult if you follow the above tips. Besides these tips maintain your character and be respectful to others. Additionally never put somebody down in your conversations, and treat everybody equally. Similarly, always try to maintain your personal hygiene.

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