How to set a password in google chrome?

Google chrome is one of the best browsers for surfing the internet. If you wonder how to protect your privacy in the google chrome then you are in the right place. Daily people go to the internet and surf many more things. If someone finds your PC and go through google chrome, then you are doomed. Breacher can see all your browsing history, social media messages, saved passwords and many more things. So How to manage this thing because privacy is a big issue. It’s really easy to set a password in the google chrome. Follow these simple steps:

Steps to set the password:

Step 1: Open google chrome in your PC.
Step 2: Go to Chrome Web Store.
Step 3: Search chrome lock.
Step 4: Select Add to Chrome. (You can see bunches of extensions in the search result, Select one of them)
Simply click here to select one of the best chrome lockers and press Add to Chrome.
Step 5: New screen will pop up there. Select Add Extension
Step 6: Set a password for your chrome.


Do not click on OK without setting your password.

Set password in google chrome
Set password in google chrome

Set Password:

Finally, the chrome will shut down and restart the chrome again. After that, It will ask for the password in the login section. Then, write the password and enjoy the chrome. Meanwhile, you can freely surf and no one can breach your chrome. Most noteworthy don’t forget to enable the extension in incognito mode. In addition, if someone tries to login with an incorrect password the chrome will automatically shut down.


Above all, write down the password somewhere in a safe place and keep it. If somehow you forget your password, there is no other way to retrieve it. For that reason, you have to save the password in safe to place. Otherwise, you have to uninstall google chrome and reinstall it again.

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