Instagram down? Did problem resolve back?

The world-famous online photo-sharing website has been down again worldwide. As a result, Users are experiencing hours long excess problem. Instagram is having issues since 6:49 PM EDT. Then the app has stopped working properly as users are unable to post photo and videos. Reports are saying that both parent company Facebook, as well as sibling company WhatsApp, are both having strange issues at the same time.

Issue to down

Due to the huge update on the server of Instagram, they have triggered an issue that makes people unable to post the photo and share the video on the app and web app. The photos and videos were not able to load in the app. the app shows ” Photo description available” or messages with metadata tags like “Image may contain: table”. Mainly the people of the east coast of America have faced these issues. But the problems have been reported worldwide mainly Europe, Asia, and South America.

Instagram on Twitter

The officials of the Instagram twitted on Twitter apologizing for the outages. “We’re aware that some people are having difficulty uploading or sending images and videos on Instagram. We’re sorry for the difficulty and are working to get things back to usual as quickly as possible. #instagramdown”, the tweet says. Due to this issue #instagramdown has been in trending on Twitter.

Instagram down
Issue on Instagram

Resolved Back

The company has recently tweeted on twitter that they have resolved the problem. “We’re back! The issue has been resolved. we should be back at 100% for everyone. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.” the tweet says. On the other hand, parent company Facebook also solve its problem. People now can access the Instagram Android app and web app without any issue. Similarly, Facebook is also in its path, without any problem.

Instagram down
Problem Resolved
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