Is there any absolute right or wrong?

What is right? Again, what is wrong? How you gonna describe right from wrong? Is there any formula in physics or in mathematics that can compute the problem and say it is absolutely right or say absolutely wrong? Again if there is a formula, What are the standards to get the result? Or on the other hand, we can say, “are right or wrong set out from the setting of own view?” On the opposite, there is nothing right and there is nothing wrong or we can say there is nothing evil and nothing good. So how are things categorized into right and wrong? To explain this we gonna need to learn the universe from depth. Let’s start:

Theory of relativity on absolute right or wrong?

General relativity explains the law of gravitation along with its relation to other forces of nature. It applies to every realm of the universe. In sorts, it says that nothing in the universe is absolute. In addition, everything even the atom of the sand in the desert interacts with the atom that is a million light-years far away from the earth. So what the theory of relativity says all right and wrong are relative to one another. The right and wrong are based on the frame of reference. So what is a frame of reference? It is a set of criteria in relation to which judgments can be made. The frame of reference is the phenomena under observation. So how you observe the phenomena gives the outcomes and outlines the absolute right or wrong under that frame of reference, not others. The absolutely right on one frame of reference can be considered as absolutely wrong on another frame of reference. So there is no absolute right that can satisfy every frame of reference and similarly no absolute wrong exist in nature.

Is there any absolute right or wrong?

Ethical dilemma:

When a person is given a choice between any two options and asked which one is right and which one is wrong. It depends upon the perspective of the person how he reacts with the situation. He may say the first possibility is a right and the second possibility is wrong based on one ethics. On the other hand, he may say the exact opposite of above based on other ethics. So how these conflicts arise? This is due to the Ethical dilemma. An ethical dilemma is a decision-making problem. An ethical dilemma struggles between two feasible moral imperatives, neither of which is unambiguously supportable or preferable. It’s sometimes called an ethical paradox in moral philosophy. As a result, absolute right or wrong is a paradox that generates clashes in the state of mind.

Is there any absolute right or wrong?


So in sorts, Absolute right or absolute wrong can only exist in one frame of reference. They can differ in another frame of reference. Again how to act on the situation, it depends upon the perspective of the person. It is on him, how he defines the right or wrong. In the world, there is nothing absolute, so how right or wrong can be absolute? It is on you how you see the world, how you react to the situation, how you justify right or wrong, how you clarify right or wrong to others. So the answer is within you, You just have to explore it.

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