Psychology of the different types of handshakes

Handshake is the act of shaking the person’s hand with one’s own as a greeting. It is a globally widespread belief greeting in which people hold each other hand accomplished by a concise up and down movement. During the handshake, it is good to use the right hand for proper etiquette. There are different types of handshakes that signify different psychology. The experts say that it is an important gesture for judging people as it exposes the individual personality. Here we gonna discuss the Psychology of the different types of handshakes. Now without any delay let’s learn the types of handshakes with their psychological meaning.

Different types of handshakes:

  • Glove handshake: This type of handshake is usually seen among the people who want to show that they are trustworthy. Further, it conveys the message of warmness, friendly, honesty. This handshake is usually done by placing a free left hand covering the other persons’ right hand. When you give the glove handshake, another person feels good, and might even return by placing his other hand over their hand.
Psychology of the different types of handshakes
Glove handshake
  • sweaty palms: The sweaty palm indicates the sign of nervousness in the person. The person sweats more when he feels nervous or fearful about something. As a result, the sympathetic nervous system overactive and the person sweats more. These people are more conscious of everything that is happening around them.
Psychology of the different types of handshakes
sweaty palms
  • Handshake with a touch: Sometimes during the handshake, people touch others with their free hand. This shows that a person touching others lacks communication. He can touch the elbow, forearm or back of the person. The closer the touch of the torso, the more company he needs.
Psychology of the different types of handshakes
Handshake with a touch
  • Dead fish: it is one of the infamous types of a handshake. The hand has no energy or say the enthusiasm for holding the other hand. It is like holding the dead fish in hand and hence says dead fish. This shows that the person is not interested in you. The handshake is a synonym to the lack of self-esteem.
dead fish
Dead fish
  • The dominator: When a person puts the palm on the top of their handshake facing downward, it indicates the sense of domination or superiority. The person in the higher position usually does this to show who is in charge here. But sometimes people do this to show sympathy to another person.
romantic handshake
The dominator
  • Handshake with a palm facing the floor: If a person holds someone’s hand from below, it indicates that the person is ready to help. Furthermore, it also shows that the person is being humble to you being in a higher position or says powerful.
lovely hand
Handshake with a palm facing the floor
  • The crusher: The person grabs your hand with pressure and squeezes your hand too hard. As a result, it hurt in the process. However, he is not aware of the process. So it is better to tell him tactfully about the effect. During the handshake, he tries to show enthusiasm.
crushing handshake
The crusher


So these are the basic types of handshakes. As you know the meaning of every handshake. So next time when you are holding the hand of friend or family, analyze them and judge their personality but never speaks out loud. Instead, make the environment that makes them comfortable and friendly.

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